How to Make a 6 Days Trip Memorable in Greece?

How to Make a 6 Days Trip Memorable in Greece?

Greece offers its tourists a wide range of attractions that includes lush green valleys, magnificent beaches, mouth-watering cuisines, and much more. In a tour of 6 days, you can explore various outstanding destinations along with tasting unique wines. So, take out time from your hectic schedule and visit this marvelous country like an explorer.      

Let us take a look at a few destinations which can make your 6 days trip memorable 


Santorini is one of the destinations that you must not miss, it offers dazzling views almost everywhere you go. If you want to experience its original culture, then you must visit its village that carries all the traditions even today; Its architecture and streets can take you back in time. Santorini has wonderful landscapes along with unique beaches which are covered with volcanic rocks and sand.   

Oia Village

If you are visiting Santorini and you are not going to Oia village then you are doing injustice to yourself! You must spend at least one evening and watch its breathtaking views as well as the lovely sunset. This place is well-known for its beautiful sunset. Watching various colors in the sky during sunset will give a tranquil experience that you can never forget. 

Hot springs

There are two islands which are famous for hot springs namely Nea Kameni and Palea Kameni that are totally made up of black lava. You can reach these places either by cruise or boat. 

At present, Nea Kameni is one of the best attractions among tourists as it provides the healing properties of a hot spring. It has Agios Nikolaos which is famous for its therapeutic water that contains concentrated amounts of sulfur.       

Palea Kameni is also popular for its hot springs that give various health benefits. Numerous cruises and boats stop at this place and let people enjoy the hot water.  

Thirassia Island

Thirassia Island is also known as the heart of Greece which has a unique landscape and lets you connect with tranquility. It is worth exploring as you can easily get various picturesque moments. It is also one of the hidden gems of Greece. 

This beautiful island was once a part of Santorini; due to the volcanic eruption of 1600 BC, it is divided into smaller parts. It is now located one nautical mile away from Santorini’s popular Oia village.      

Winery Tour

Wines play a vital role in Greek culture; It really feels awesome when you explore the deep history and the beauty of both old as well as new traditions of wine. On this tour, you can taste one of the best and most unique wines in the world. It offers several types of wine such as rose, red, white, sparkling, and fortified wine. We can also say that wines are spread all over Greece and every tour has its own story that amazes its guests.  

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