9 Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations Around the World

9 Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations Around the World

After many dreams, months of planning, endless shopping, and you have finally tied the knot! After all the madness and fun, the only thing you want to worry about is planning your honeymoon. The best part of wedding planning is not getting a dress tailored, not venue scouting, and not even tasting the cake. The real fun begins with the planning of the honeymoon. No matter how many days you have for your romantic escape, there will be no better way to celebrate your wedding than this trip of your lifetime. Honeymoon is a much-needed fuel to begin your never-ending life of love. This is why taking the interests and choices of both people into consideration is the best way to have the best honeymoon plans ever. 

If you are confused about what fits well your and your partner’s interests, this guide will make all the sense. Since many amazing honeymoon destinations to experience everlasting romance between you and your partner are there, we have listed some handpicked destinations that are perfect honeymoon spots. Let’s have a look at the most romantic places that you can choose for your honeymoon: 

1. Maldives 

When you hear Maldives, you instantly think of a honeymoon. The colorful reef, private villas, romantic weather, and clear blue water together describe the Maldives and give you awesome honeymoon vibes. Maldives is all about indulgence in a tranquil environment. A paradise of luxury, this destination could be the most preferred choice for a number of reasons: spa treatments, seafood, underwater adventure, and various activities to choose from. The wooden walkways and luxury suites let you plan your romantic vacations in luxuries set within the folds of tropical destinations.

Tourist Attractions: Veligandu Island Beach, Banana Reef, Alimatha Island, and Maldive Victory. 

Best Time to Visit: May to November

Ideal Duration: 4 to 5 Days 

Things to Do: Water Sports, Leisure Activities, Sightseeing, Beaches

Currency: Maldivian Rufiyaa 

Language: Dhivehi 

2. Thailand 

When you think of Thailand, you will probably think of bachelorette parties. But Thailand is more than that and offers you awesome reasons to plan your honeymoon vacation here. After all, Thailand is not just limited to Bangkok and Pattaya. You will experience serenity in Phuket and have the best-ever honeymoon experience. When you explore Thailand for a perfect romantic escape, you will forget everything else that exists in the world. It is a beautiful country for honeymooners and gives you a lot to experience in the country. When in Thailand, you can head out to Kah Samui, Krabi, Phuket, Pattaya, Similan Islands, and much more. 

Tourist Attractions: Pattaya, Phuket, Islands and Beaches

Best Time to Visit: November to February 

Ideal Duration: 4 to 5 Days 

Things to Do: Sightseeing, Beaches, Water Sports, Watch the Sunset

Currency: Thai Baht (THB) 

Language: Central Thai  

3. Greece 

If you dream of a Greek honeymoon, you will have many options with breathtaking scenery. Greece shares incredible honeymoon experiences. This ultimate honeymoon spot is famous for its vivid nightlife, exquisite beaches, luxurious hotels, and fascinating history. From fishing villages to mountains, you have a lot to experience in Greece. Simply, Greece is nothing if not glorious. For a truly memorable honeymoon, Greece is a perfect honeymoon spot for many reasons. Santorini, Mykonos, and Crete are the best of Greece that you can explore. Whether you are in search of serenity or vibrant nightlife, you will get it all in one place in Greece. 

Tourist Attractions: Santorini, Crete, Mykonos, Paradise Beach, Ancient Archaeological Site

Best Time to Visit: May-June and September- November 

Ideal Duration: 8 to 10 Days 

Things to Do: Beach Hopping, Sightseeing, Winery Tours

Currency: Euro (EUR) 

Language: Greek  

4. India 

Incredibly romantic spots and the versatility of India catches the attention. From majestic mountains to beautiful deserts, India has everything to suit your taste and interest. With a diverse culture, India lures tourists of every type. India welcomes honeymooners from across the globe with its beautiful monuments. A tranquil environment and wilderness with luxury jungle resorts await you here. Whether you are a photography enthusiast or you just want to witness the mesmerizing beauty of the symbol of love, the Taj Mahal, you have an abundance of things to experience in this country. The best thing is that India is a destination you can visit around the year to make your honeymoon extra special. 

Tourist Attractions: Taj Mahal, Amber Fort, Ajanta and Ellora Caves, Udaipur, Goa, Jaisalmer, Gateway of India, Khajuraho, Great Rann of Kutch

Best Time to Visit: Year-around

Ideal Duration: 8 to 10 Days 

Things to Do: Beach Hopping, Sightseeing, Wildlife Safari, Water Sports, Hiking, Spas, Adventure Sports

Currency: Indian Rupee (INR) 

Language: Hindi and English 

5. Bali 

If you want to experience pure magic, Bali in Indonesia is definitely a place to go. Despite being a budget-friendly vacation, Indonesia ranks among the most romantic destinations in the world and offers a one-of-a-kind experience. Bali is the most preferred choice among honeymooners who choose Indonesia to celebrate their marriage in tranquillity. Spend time with your spouse in the midst of the peaceful jungle and embrace all the vibes in the serene environment. From breathtaking bays to rocky terrains, everything here will please your soul. This honeymooner’s paradise offers what you are looking for to make your honeymoon memorable. 

Tourist Attractions: Kuta Beach, Bali Safari and Marine Park, Authentik Bali, Waterfalls and Beaches

Best Time to Visit: April to October

Ideal Duration: 4 to 5 Days 

Things to Do: Beach Hopping, Surfing, Parasailing, Snorkeling 

Currency: Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) 

Language: Indonesian 

6. Mauritius 

A perfect blend of adventure and serene beaches, Mauritius serves it all together to make your sweet private time more enjoyable. Mauritius is not just about its tropical beauty. There is a lot to explore and experience here, and this is why Mauritius is a pleasant choice for honeymooners. From unparalleled beauty to exotic flavors over a romantic meal, you will get everything in this beautiful destination. Witness the beauty at spectacular white sandy beaches and pamper yourself with Mauritian Spa to experience the true essence of this island nation.  

Tourist Attractions: Chamarel Seven Colored Earth Geopark, Black River Gorges National Park, Blue Bay Marine Park, Albion Caves

Best Time to Visit: May to December 

Ideal Duration: 5 to 6 Days 

Things to Do: Food Indulgence, Shopping, Beach Hopping, Spa, Skydiving, Cruising, Swim with Dolphins 

Currency: Mauritian Rupee (MUR)  

Language: French and English 

7. Italy 

Do you often daydream about having the best honeymoon experience in Italy? Italy has it all to make your fantasies come true. You can plan an Italian honeymoon and feel the romance in the air while strolling around the Italian streets. The breathtaking beauty, fine wine, glimmering coastline, and exquisite hills together make your romantic escape worth planning. You will surely embrace that romantic vibe on the foothills of the Italian Alps. Whether you are a literature lover or you want to admire the natural beauty, Italy has something for everyone and ensures a memorable honeymoon. 

Tourist Attractions: Venice, Florence, Rome, Verona, Lake Como, Capri Island 

Best Time to Visit: May to October

Ideal Duration: 5 to 6 Days 

Things to Do: Wine Tasting, Kayaking, Snorkelling, Beaching Hopping, Bike Riding, Sightseeing 

Currency: Italian Lire (ITL)  

Language: Italian 

8. Paris, France 

Mysteriously attractive, Paris is an enticing city and perfect for a honeymoon escape. If you want to strengthen your lifelong love, you must opt for this mesmerizing city. The hypnotic charm of Paris is worth admiring if you are with your partner. Enjoy a glass of Champagne at Eiffel Tower and enjoy a romantic date with your partner. Apart from this glorifying tower, you can please your soul while walking hand in hand around the Luxembourg Garden with your sweetheart. You can also enjoy a tranquil environment in a romantic park, Parc Des Buttes Chaumont. Well, you can plan your honeymoon the way you want it to be because Paris is just more than anything you may have in mind! 

Tourist Attractions: Eiffel Tower, Luxembourg Gardens, Temple of Love, River Seine, Grevin Wax Museum, The Louvre Museum 

Best Time to Visit: June to August 

Ideal Duration: 3 to 4 Days 

Things to Do: Photography, Sightseeing, Food 

Currency: Euro (EUR)  

Language: French, English, Spanish  

9. Zanzibar 

Couples choose Tanzania for a number of reasons while planning a perfect romantic escape, especially for the newlyweds. Zanzibar is the most preferred choice among newlyweds as it offers you oodles of options to celebrate your union on your honeymoon. Book a romantic beach resort in Zanzibar and embrace the view of tropical beauty like never before. Tranquillity, combined with unbelievable beauty, offers you the privacy you want while having your partner’s hand in hand.  Try the lip-smacking Zanzibari Cuisine and mesmerize yourself with a gorgeous sunset over the ocean. Couples can also enjoy the massage offered by professional therapists. 

Tourist Attractions: The Zala Park, Forodhani Night Market, Princess Salme Museum, Mtoni Palace, 

Best Time to Visit: June to October

Ideal Duration: 6 to 7 Days 

Things to Do: Photography, Sunset Drinks, Take a Spice Tour, Beach Hopping

Currency: Tanzanian Shilling (TZS)  

Language: Swahili, Arabic, English 

The definition of heaven on earth may mean different things to different couples. These are the most preferred choices for newlyweds in 2023 that might inspire you to pick the honeymoon destination that suits your interests. So, what are you waiting for? Pick a honeymoon destination and indulge yourself in the true essence of love with your partner. After all, a honeymoon happens once but delights your soul for a lifetime. 

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