Discover the Best of Morocco

Discover the Best of Morocco

If you want a peaceful holiday then choosing a country like Morocco is a great idea! It has various charming cities that will steal your heart. Its culture, history, and food all are worth exploring. In this blog, you will find some of the best cities of Morocco that you must not miss.   


Rabat is a vibrant city, which is also the capital of Morocco; Due to this, it has one of the important museums and various historical sites in the country. It has a calming climate which attracts tourists from all across the globe.      

To explore this city, you must visit Hassan Tower, which has Spanish and Moroccan styles of architecture at the same time. Don’t forget to go to the Royal Mausoleum of King Mohammed V, which is situated at Yacoub Al Mansour Square. Its structure was envisioned by the architect of Vietnam. 


The best part about this city is that it offers tourists interesting history, scenic views, and beautiful beaches. You can experience the blend of various cultures of different countries like France, North Africa, Spain, and Portugal. 

Once you have arrived at this destination, you must visit Cap Spartel and Hercule’s cave. Cap Spartel is situated at the west of Tangier and is popular for the coastal road, lighthouse, and lovely views. On the other hand, Hercule’s cave is the most visited place for geological characteristics and mythological significance. 


One of the largest cities of Morocco offers many reasons to the tourist for visiting; these reasons include amazing beaches, lovely climate, and astonishing food. This fascinating city is located at the western part of Morocco on the Atlantic Ocean.    

If you want to explore this destination then you must visit its popular attractions like the great Hassan II Mosque and Mohamed V square. 


At present, Fez is considered as one of Morocco's oldest preserved imperial cities. To explore this city in an effective manner, you must visit Nejjarine Fountain. You will love watching its amazing calligraphy work and elegant zellij mosaic work. And not only Nejjarine Fountain, you will also love Fez’s stylish restaurants that offer mouth-watering cuisine. Its climate is just Perfect!

Another attraction of Fez includes Karaouyine Mosque & University, Moulay Idriss grave, the Medersa Bou Inania, Tanneries, and many more.  


Marrakech, which is well-known as the city of luxury because of its luxurious hammams as well as the spa, 5-star restaurants, enchanting gardens, and much more. After arriving here, you must visit Saadian Tombs which has a series of mausoleums in Marrakech.  

If you want to see the beauty of Moroccan architecture, then Bahia Palace is the best example. Beyond this, there is Menara Gardens which offers you various picturesque moments. And if you have the inclination toward spirituality then Koutoubia Mosque is a must-visit place as it is the largest mosque in the city. 

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