A Complete Guide About Lake Como

A Complete Guide About Lake Como

Lake Como is one of those attractions that you don’t want to miss! Because of the stunning views, it offers a dream vacation to its tourists. So, if you are planning a trip to Italy then you must visit Lake Como and experience the joy in the middle of the water. 

It is the deepest freshwater lake in the country. Well! This lake has so many facts. If you are visiting this place and want to know more about it then this blog will help you. So, without wasting any time, let us read this blog.    

A Short Note on Lake Como

Lake Como which is situated at the Alps foot stands at a third rank (surface of 145 sq km) in the counting of largest lakes. It is also called Lario. Due to its beauty and picturesque moments, tourists from all across the globe love visiting this lake.  

With a depth of 410 m, it is Europe's deepest lake; it is of ‘Y’ shape with three edges namely Como at the southwest, Colico at the northern, and Lecco at the southeast. There is only one island i.e. Comacina Island which is located near the village of Ossuccio. It also forms a small bay which is popular as the most peaceful area on the lake. 

Romans discovered this lake more than 2,000 years ago, it was selected as a favored retreat. Julius Caesar achieved triumph over Como in 49 B.C. and named this lake as Larius.        

Best Time to Visit Lake Como

If you are planning to visit Como Lake, then you must visit between March and November as there is a bright and shiny day at that time. And weather-wise, the best time is July and August. If you love to experience the festivities then visit between June and September as there is an annual festival that has numerous musical performances. 

The climate of Lake Como is humid subtropical; in winter, the temperature reaches to 3-degree celsius. In summer, it reaches to 25-degree celsius whereas heavy rainfall occurs in May. 

Treasures of Lake Como

Fascinating coastal towns and luxurious villas situated on the banks of Como lake seek the attention of tourists from all across the globe. The bank offers a stunning view of the marvelous beauty of historical homes which represents the architectural wonders of the 16th to 19th century. 

A few famous destinations include Varenna, Bellagio, and Como. Every place has its own beauty which lets you enjoy nature. On the other hand, lovely villas and botanical gardens give memorable moments.  

Boat trips are something that is recommended to everyone who is looking to have a great experience. It lets you enjoy the beautiful scenery in the middle of the water. Numerous people find the view of Varenna village to be the most beautiful among all the towns. Right from the homes of fishermen to the outstanding villas, everything is just awesome! 

To explore the banks of this lake to the fullest, then you require at least 3-4 days as there are many beautiful towns and things to see.  

Lake Como is Preferred by Hollywood for Shooting

Due to its picturesque sceneries, Hollywood has chosen Lake Como for various movies. Some movies in which this lake appeared are Ocean's Twelve (2004), The Other Man (2008), Casino Royale (2006), Al Pacino's Bobby Deerfield (1977), The Luzhin Defence (2001), Star Wars: Attack of the Clones (2002), and much more.    

Many Artist Get Inspiration from This Lake

For centuries, the lake has inspired various artists like musicians, filmmakers, writers, and painters to create new ideas, creative directions, and imaginations. 

Famous artist Franz Liszt said, "I have never seen another place where the charms of a life of love can appear more natural. I do not know of any other place that is more demonstratively graced by heaven."

Longest Coastline of Europe 

It has one of the longest coastlines in Europe with 100 Kilometers of Shoreline. The surroundings of the lake include astonishing gardens, stunning mountains, small churches, beautiful mansions, etc. that offer many picturesque moments. Besides this, you can spend quality time at Sala Comacina beach which is situated within Teresio Olivelli Park. This park has a playground, volleyball, and a football field.

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