How to Click Amazing Photos while Travelling

How to Click Amazing Photos while Travelling

These days most photographers are promoting their work on Instagram as it provides the best platform where you can connect with other photographers, get potential clients, and learn from various sources.

If you are a beginner then you are on the right platform as it will suggest various ways through which you can make your Instagram profile more impactful in an effective manner.  

Let us look at the following ways that will help you in growing your Instagram account: 

Choose Your Niche & Stick to It

The first and most important thing is to choose the theme or niche in which you will work. Choose your niche from specific subjects such as food, travel, fashion, sports, etc., and select specific styles of photography like black and white, micro, macro, and much more.     

Generally, followers expect to maintain a particular style or subject due to which their interest remains in your page. People make the decision to follow the page on the basis of the last nine images. Ensure that your top feed must have the best photos.  

Show Behind Scenes

To attract followers, give some personal touch to your post by showing behind-the-scenes and giving insight into your interesting moments. But don’t overdo it! Maintain the rule of 80/20 which states that 80% of the photos should focus on your niche and 20% should focus on capturing behind-the-scenes and other promotional content.  

Use the stories to show behind scenes or any of your personal sides as it helps in generating interaction with the audience. 

Post with the Appropriate Technique

Don’t overlook the quality by focusing on quantity as the relevant content always carries out a positive response. Figure out the most appropriate time at which your target audience comes online. And post your images at that time so that you can get higher visibility. If your audience comes online at weekends then there is no point in sharing your image on weekdays. Studies have suggested that Sunday is the most appropriate day as there are more interactions on this day.

Know the Importance of Captions

Captions are as important as images; people love spending their time on images that have eye-catchy captions. It also helps in making personal interaction with the viewers which evokes them for giving a good response.  

Make Strong Profile

To make your profile easily searchable, select an account name that can be easily identified and remembered. Use this name on your other social media platform. Don’t leave any section blank as it leaves a bad impression on the viewers.     

In your bio section, choose specific words that clearly define your page. It makes easy for people to know about your profile and which type of content they can expect from your end.  

Use DSLR Instead of a Smartphone

To take professional shots, it is important to use a DSLR camera rather than your smartphone. The image quality of DSLR is far better than smartphones as it gives a lot of features that help in clicking better photographs. Additionally, it allows you to adjust shutter speed, ISO, focus, and depth of field in all situations. 

Last but not the least

Take as many clicks as you can and then choose the best shots. If your maximum shots are not up to the mark then don’t get disheartened as professional photographers also use only 10% of shots.   

There is a grid line present on the screen of the camera while taking any shot, place your subject on the intersection of the grid to highlight the subject.  

Wrapping Up!

We hope that you have gained the skill of photography to flaunt on Instagram and Facebook and eagerly waiting to capture the best shot while traveling!

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