The wild life of South Africa

The wild life of South Africa

Let’s explore the BIG FIVE of South Africa. When we talk about the Big Five, what do you think what is Big 5? The Big Five structures of South Africa? The Big Five personalities? Or the Big Five beaches of South Africa? Noo… The Big Five of South Africa are the biggest animals of South Africa you may encounter when while being on the wild safari in South Africa. These Big 5 are African Elephant, African Lion, Leopard, Rhinoceros, and Buffalo.  

The Big Five are one of the major attractions of South Africa which all the tourists and travelers like to explore. It is a journey of a life time and anyone would travel across to experience something like Big 5. So fasten your seat belts as we take you on the adventurous wildlife Safari.

You can watch these Big 5 Beauties in their natural habitat at many concentrations around South Africa. The most famous places to witness these are The Ngorongoro Crater, The Madikwe Private Game Reserve, Sabi Sand Game Reserve, and The Kruger National Park.  If you are lucky enough you can witness all the Big 5 in one location at the same day.

The best time to go on the Safari is from about July to October across South Africa. At this time the weather is much cooler and dry. The lack of rain makes vegetation dry and the all the green vegetation dries up which make it much easier to locate the animals wandering in herds searching for water.

There are other animals one can spot while on Safari, like Giraffe and Zebra which make it even more exhilarating and daring. But watching these big 5 living in their natural environments and wild make it one of the most unforgettable thrills for all the travelers and tourists.

Imagine you are sitting in your open jeep, fastening your seat belt, ready to experience something which will get your heart pounding and breath throbbing. As the jeep engine starts and the wheels start rolling, your excitement and terror increases both at same time. As you started to travel deep inside the wood, you hear Vervet Monkey who are native to whoop on the trees as they see a vehicle travelling across in their habitat. The driver who is guiding you through the intricate jungle enlighten you about the different flora spread across the jungle and the kind of animals you may be lucky to encounter while being on Safari. Luckily you spot a herd of African elephants and buffalos near a small pond enjoying their water time and playing with their baby elephants. You are totally in awe after beholding this site and you actually forget you are here for the first time and forget your own city world. Then as you move forward you spot a single horn animal from far. It is so HUGE and beautiful. That’s the African Rhinoceros. He is calm but you don’t dare to go any near to him at all. Suddenly the guide directs his finger towards a leopard sitting on a tree. It was difficult spotting him for you as he was camouflaged with the color of the tree. You got your heart in your mouth looking eye to eye with the leopard. He roar as the jeep move forward. Now you want one thing from God only, you want to witness the royalty of Jungle, The African Lion. You ask the guide if they can watch him, he says they mostly enjoy their hunt near pond he is taking you to. And as you reach near the pond, you could not believe your eyes. Is it for real? There was a pride of Lions relishing over their just hounded deer. With red face and shining eyes they saw us as they weren’t expecting us. You clicked lots of photos and moved on. You still can’t imagine you have just witnessed all the BIG FIVE animals along with many other animals who reside in jungle and wild.

If you got excited and enthralled too, reading the virtual experience of Big 5, then you must visit and watch these beauties with your own eye and don’t think twice and log on to and grab the best trip with outstanding deals. 

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