7 Romantic Islands of Maldives

7 Romantic Islands of Maldives

Maldivian Islands prove to be a paradise for couples! The white sand beaches, luxury overwater villas, and natural beauty offer a stunning experience that you can never forget. People from different parts of the world arrive in the Maldives for their honeymoon. If you are also one of them or you want to spend some quality time with your partner then you must go through this blog as it suggests flawless islands that can make your trip outstanding.   

Asdhoo Island

Asdhoo Island is well known for its beautiful sunset, white sand beaches, and crystal clear water. And if you look at its hotel then you can’t stay without praising it; this Island is one of the best places to spend magical moments with your partner. The best time to visit this island is from November to April. 

Ukulhas Island

This island is famous for its cleanliness and is a perfect destination for a honeymoon tour. Explore the beauty of nature, experience its authentic culture, and taste mouth-watering cuisine to make your trip memorable. Besides this, you can find different traditions; All these things make it a more tourist-friendly destination. 

If you want to explore Ukulhas Island to the fullest then it is advised to come here between November and April. 

Thoddoo Island

This beautiful island is situated at 67 km from Male; the interesting thing about this island is that it is made up of oval shape and is popular for watermelon production. It reflects the lifestyle of Maldivians. If you love exploring different cultures then this place is perfect for you. Visiting Thoddoo Island with your better half will leave you with an extraordinary experience.  

Its stunning markets and friendly people will charm you and you will never want to leave this place. For the best experiences, visit in the months of April, June, and July.  

Olhuveli Island

A place where love stays in the air which makes it the perfect destination for couples. If you are choosing this Island for your honeymoon then you are making the right decision. Its endless ocean view and the beauty of nature will steal your heart. Here, you can enjoy the relaxing spa to rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul. Visit Olhuveli Island in the months of April, May, and June for a better experience. 

Dhidhdhoo Island

If you are pissed off with the hectic city life and want to spend some quality time with your better half then your search ends here as Dhidhdhoo Island has a lot of things to offer you. It is filled with positive vibes which lets you enjoy the tranquility. Here, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the luxury of resorts, walk around with your partner, candle light dinner, and night fishing.   

If you want to have the maximum enjoyment out of your tour then it is advised between November and April. 

Utheemu Island

Utheemu Island is located in the northern region which has historical significance. Once, Sultan Mohamed Thakurufaanu used to live here. During the late 16th century, he defeated Portuguese invaders. Apart from the sandy beaches and lovely views, it is home to a heritage site named Utheemu Ganduvaru (timber-built palace). 

Choose this destination if you love diving into history, swimming in the clear water, relaxing at the beach, and spending some quality time with your partner. To ensure the best time on this island, visit between December and April.     

Feydhoo Island

On this island, you can experience the authentic lifestyle of the Maldivians. Its formation has an interesting history which started with the invasion of Britishers during world war II at Gan Island. The motive of the Britisher was to convert the island into an airbase so the residents were shifted to another island named Feydhoo Island.   

Besides its history, you will love spending time with your life partner. Its stunning views, sandy beaches, and lovely sunset will make you its fan. Maldivian seafood and its lifestyle bring new experiences. To make the most out of your trip, you must visit this place from December to April. 

Summing Up!

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